Seriously, Seattle, We’re the City That Started Hump!

As I posted on Seattlest today, one of my most oft-joked about (yet so supremely unfunny sometimes) outfits is coming to my city: Girls Gone Wild. And, to make sure they get the hottest, amateurist, most barely-legal (or you know, legal by midnight the night of the filming) bitches in town, they posted on Craigslist! They even posted in “TV/Film/Video” instead of “adult gigs,” just to give it that whole “I’ll make you famous” vibe:

(Click to enlarge.)

Signed off with a cryptic “C.M.” (power imbalance much?), as you can see, the ad encourages ladies to submit their “dirtiest, nastiest” videos. Unfortunately for people like me, that means more “explicit as possible depictions of ordinary sexuality,” and less this:

How much you wanna bet that in the finished product they make a wet/rain joke? Eh eh?


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